Password Generator

This exercise is one that I originally wrote for my company's intranet. It's a password generator. Normally it loops through /usr/dict/words, but since this server doesn't provide me read access to that file (and for performance reasons on a shared server), I have used a shorter list. It provides several "levels" of strength, each a little more complex than the last.

The source for this generator can be found online, but it can be pared down significantly if you don't need all the cypher levels: pwgen.phps.

We recommend you choose a password with AT LEAST "simple" cypher strength.

NonejivetalkinLong word, lowercase
SimpleJiVetalkin Two or fewer caps
MediumJIvetalkInMulitple Caps
StrongJ1v3t4lk1nCaps and l33t-speak 1
InsaneJ1v3talkI|\|Caps and l33t-speak 2
------- Simple Functions --------
rotate 13wvirgnyxvaLetters rotated 13 characters
shufflediniktajvleLetters shuffled
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